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Solving Your Dry Eye Problem

If you haven’t yet found effective treatments for your dry eyes you’ve come to the right place.

We will design a treatment plan specifically for you, so that you find the relief you deserve and can enjoy activities again without the ongoing annoyance of eye strain.

Why Choose Us?

  • Because your condition is the main focus of our dry eye clinic
  • Dr. McPherson has dedicated much of her career to research and management of dry eye
  • We invest time to find the root causes of your dry eyes and use diagnostic tools not available in all practices
  • We design custom treatment plans for each patient
  • We aren’t satisfied until you find relief

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Is Dry Eye Affecting The Quality Of Your Life?

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Why Are My Eyes Dry

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Dry eye is a disease that can decrease the eye’s ability to make and maintain sufficient quality and quantity of tears for a healthy protective film.

Your tears are so much more than just water. They are chockfull of proteins, electrolytes, nutrients, oil and antibodies that protect your eyes. When they are lacking or are in bad shape, your eyes will let you know by getting red, burning, feeling gritty or causing your vision to fluctuate.


Instability of the tear film that keeps your eyes moist and healthy.

Inflammation affecting the glands decreases tear production and speeds tear evaporation.

Other health conditions including glaucoma, diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren’s syndrome.

Additional factors such as infrequent blinking while reading, watching TV and staring at device screens, dry climates, smoke and chemical irritants, and medication side effects.


If you have any of these symptoms it’s important to find out what’s really going on.

  • Redness, Grittiness, and Irritation
  • Itchy, Burning, and Stinging eyes
  • Occasional blurring, and Watery eyes


These factors can increase or worsen the symptoms of dry eyes.

  • Women are at a higher risk than men
  • Smokers are at a higher risk than non-smokers
  • Aging increases the risk for dry eyes
  • Wearing contact lenses
  • Lasik or cataract surgery increase the risk for dry eyes

If you are experiencing Dry Eyes, request an evaluation today!

Your Dry Eye Evaluation

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It’s our belief we can help anyone suffering from dry eye manage their symptoms, allowing them to live more comfortably with dry eye and enjoy everyday activities again.

We will take the time necessary to fully understand your specific situation and recommend a combination of treatments to find the relief you deserve.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A questionnaire to help us understand the scope of your symptoms
  • Examination of the quality and the quantity of your tears
  • measurement of the osmolarity (level of saltiness) of your tears
  • Imaging of the oil producing glands in your eyelids
  • Measurement of the frequency and quality of your blink pattern
  • Measurement of the thickness of the oil layer in your tears
  • A review of all your medications and medical history
  • As needed, lab work to determine if a systemic cause or deficiency is responsible for your dry eye

Don’t give up on your dry eyes. Instead, give us the opportunity to improve your life while living with dry eye.

If you are experiencing Dry Eyes, request an evaluation today!

Treatment Types

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While there is no cure for dry eye, many options are available to improve the comfort of your eyes. Often times it is a combination of treatments that help relieve dry eyes.


  • Supplementing with appropriate levels of Omega 3s can improve the quality of the oil layer in tears

Tear Duct Plugs

  • These help to keep tears on the surface of your eyes and slow down the rate at which tears drain out

Prescription Eye Drops or Medications

  • These help to improve the condition of your ocular surface in ways that differ from over the counter drops.  A thorough analysis will guide the decision as to which drop or medication would be best.

Therapeutic Tissue Treatments

  • PROKERA is used to treat disorders of the ocular surface, including several arising from dry eye.

Lid Hygiene

  • In office treatments can get your eyelids in great shape and at home routines will help to keep them that way.


  • Dysfunction of the small, oil producing (Meibomian) glands in your eyelids is one of the main causes of dry eye. LipiFlow is a pain-free, in-office procedure that can significantly improve the function of your Meibomian glands.

Therapeutic Contact Lenses

  • Traditional, soft contact lenses can exacerbate dry eye symptoms. Scleral lenses are a different type of contact lens that can be used as an effective treatment for dry eye.

Plus more….

  • There are so many more different treatment options for dry eye. Schedule a dry eye evaluation to see what options are best for you

If you are experiencing Dry Eyes, request an evaluation today!


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Lipiflow is the only FDA-cleared medical device shown to restore gland function for dry eyes. It applies a combination of heat and pressure to the inner eyelid to safely remove gland obstructions and stagnant gland content. Watch this short video to learn more…

If you are experiencing Dry Eyes, request an evaluation today!